We tell stories that matter.

We're a team of creators, builders and innovators with a passion for meaningful storytelling that gives back to the world, focuses on human connections and helps build strong communities.
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We may be small, but we're mighty.

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We don't sell at any cost

Amplify marginalized voices

We help boost voices that aren't always heard.

Share stories with a heart

Honestly, if it doesn't make us cry a little, we're doing it wrong.

Build communities

Relationships shouldn't be just transactional. We forge more meaningful connections.

Give Back To The World

The goal is always to work toward a world that's richer for our presence in it.

Team of talented folks

Hope Schneider
Founder & CEO
Nozomi Sato
Jackie Bennet,
Co-founder & CFO
Sanjay Singh
Nozomi Sato
Rob Edochie
Nick Williams
Carlos Vasquez
Co-founder & CFO
Jackie Bennet,
Co-founder & CFO

Jordan Mike

Project Manager, Capricorn Consultancy
"Uplift was a joy to work with. They have such a hands-on approach, they made us super comfortable right from the beginning. And they knew exactly what we were looking for."

- Varun Jadhav,

CEO, Gemini Foods
"We're honestly a little amazed at what Uplift managed to do with our campaign. We saw an almost immediate 8% boost in followers and we've been growing steadily ever since. Our SEO has never looked better."

-Colin Peters,

Marketing Manager, Taurus Finance
"We've worked with bigger agencies but the degree of personalization and individual attention Uplift gave us made sure we'd stop looking for a new one."

Office Location

USA Office

Backing Home ,Road no 507 , Alaz  Tower, New York, USA

USA Office

Backing Home ,Road no 507 , Alaz  Tower, New York, USA